My first 4 days

Day 1 – This was very exciting at first. I thought I was going to the vet, then the adventure got really crazy but I was still very excited. But it went on too long and I was sick of adventure before it ended. But then when I went back to my cage I found out that my life had just changed. Hmmmm.

Day 2 – I think I better just be really quiet and take this in. These people seem really nice but the bottom line is that I just don’t know them. The treats are good though.

Day 3 – Maybe its safe to chatter a little. The extra attention I have been getting isn’t bad and man I love the treats. I still don’t trust them though.

Day 4 – What is this stand they put in front my cage? If I don’t know what it is then surely its evil. I don’t trust it. I am not going out that door. Nope.


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